Need for Computer Literacy

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Computers have shaken up the world. They have made us dependent upon them. We expect them to be present at every place: be it the reservation counter, the microwave cooking or even driving a car. Now that computers have moved in our society so rapidly, one needs, at least the basic computer skills to pursue one’s career goals and function effectively and effectively. We can say that computer literacy is the need of today and voice of tomorrow to survive on the fast changing world of computers.

For most of the people computer literacy is restricted to using the keyboard for typing a document or making use of it for the calculations. But this is not enough. One must know the fundamental concept about what computers constitute of and how the they work. Take an example, you drive a motorbike and you take it for the servicing. There is one way that you tell the service boy to service the motorbike and I will collect it in the evening. The another way could be that you tell him that, apart from servicing, please change the engine oil and clean the carburetor too. This way the service man would be more careful while doing the job of your motorbike and you too will be able to solve at least some of the small problems when the machine is not available. The lack of knowledge can cause mistakes while using the computer also. Sometimes this lack of knowledge can cause mistakes while using the computer also. Lack of knowledge can cause mistakes while using the computer also. Sometimes this lack of knowledge cause some fear in the people. This is termed as CYBERPHOBIA

Computer Definition

For most of the people, computer is a machine used for calculations or computation, but actually, it is much more than that. Precisely, “Computer is a device for performing arithmetic and logical operations”, or “Computer is a device or flexible machine to process data and convert it into information”.
Now, in the above two definitions, three words are tricky that need some explanations. Let us start with logical operation-these are the type of operation in which decision(s) is/are involved. Data is simply raw fact or figure collected whereas the information is what one gets after processing the data. Information is always useful and meaningful for the user. Let us consider and example in which marks of various subjects are collected for a particular group of students. Now, these marks independently(data) are of no use as such for the class teacher, but once she he adds the marks of all the students and calculates their respective percentages, this becomes information and it serves her/him in finding out the answer for the queries like Who has 1st in the class? Or How many people have got distinctions in the class? What is the overall performance of the class? “A program is a set of instructions telling the computer what to do.”


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